Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Sustainability analysis of dairy cattle farms and their susceptibility to climatic hazards in the semi-arid area of Setif (Algeria)
Mohamed Benidir, Sarah Ikhlef, Abdenour Bir
Abstract: In this study, the method of farm sustainability indicators (IDEA) was used to assess the sustainability of dairy cattle farms and their susceptibility to climatic hazards in three agro-bioclimatic stages of the semi-arid region of Setif (Algeria). Overall, the results show a high level of agro-ecological sustainability (56.24 points out of 100), acceptable for economic sustainability (54.36 points out of 100) and average for socio-territorial sustainability (52.31 points out of 100). The best sustainability performances were recorded at the farms of the North agro-bioclimatic stage, with 60.42 points out of 100 for the agro-ecological scale, 54.60 points out of 100 for the socio-territorial scale, 60.31 points on 100 for the economic scale and 51.21 points on 100 for agricultural sustainability. However, Southern agro-bio-climatic farms recorded the lowest scores of 49.82, 48.38, 46.71 and 41.97 points out of 100 respectively for the agro-ecological scale, socio-territorial scale, economic scale and agricultural sustainability.
Keywords: climatic hazards; dairy cattle; indicators; semi-arid zone; sustainability
Date published: 2019-01-28
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