Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Application of ISSR markers for detection of genetic variation in two Bulgarian autochthonous goat breeds
Bojin Bojinov, Milena Kostova
Abstract: The conservation of genetic resources in livestock is of rising interest in recent years. The introduction of highly intensive selected breeds results in reducing the size of local ones, leading to narrowing of their genetic diversity. Therefore, estimating the remaining genetic variation is becoming of key importance for prioritizing conservation efforts and developing future breeding programs. In this respect, two local goat breeds with a distinctive exterior, stably transmitted in the progeny, were selected for the present study and their within-breed genetic variation assessed with ISSR markers. Our results demonstrate that ISSR markers are capable of revealing substantial genetic diversity in the autochthonous Bulgarian goat breeds. Furthermore, unique genetic profiles were obtained for each of the studied animals, thus providing usable tool for paternity testing in future breeding programs.
Keywords: genetic diversity; goats; ISSR markers; local breeds
Date published: 2019-01-15
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