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Scale without Conformal Invariants in the Non-local Relativistic Quantum Field Systems in living Cells
G. Petrov, Ts. D. Tsvetkov
Abstract: Since the 1948 the mathematical description of the so-called Casimir world as a part of the physical observed space-time in the relativistic sense is to be considered by the help of the Hamiltonian quantum field’s theory and furthermore it is based on the fine play between the continuity and the discrete too while the Casimir force was stated. The axiomatic-physical methods of the local quantum fields theory has given the other possibility then the Lagrange quantum field’s theory and rigorously mathematical way to understand the singularities and the black holes, also the dark energy and the dark matter from one uniformly point of view. Then it is possible to describe the fundamental interactions between the anyone concrete fundamental relativistic quantum field system with other someone or with the external and innerness material objects as an external classical fields, material boundaries and everyone internal background.It is also not only a question of mathematical but also philosophical-ideological problem too if it is at stake by nature systems. From the same nature is the problem connected with the “time’s arrow”. The same understanding must exist by the social scientifically, economical, mathematical and informatics systems. It is groundless this to be renounced or disguised. It is senseless that for the mathematic Scientifics there is not given the Nobel price from pure ideological and historical grounds and there is a price for piece from ideological point of view. However, the living cells are wiser then us. By the living cells as an object of the fundamental cryobiological researches i.e. the metabolisms is minimal and also by the help of the axiomatic-physical methods given by the relativistic quantum fields theory it is possible to be taken in the account the problem of a “time’s arrow” at the microscopic level by the contemporary considerations of the quantum vacuum in the Casimir world as a ground state of anyone relativistic quantum system becomes a fixture by the lyophilized elementary living cells. It can be represented by the symmetrical selfaddjoint Hamiltonian operator taken for simplicity by definition of the quantum scalar field’s operator Φ defined as potentially virtual entity in the Hilbert functional space with indefinite metric. So also the possibility to be obtained the local or non-local quantum currents the carrier of the force (see virial current) of the near actions of interactions with the classical neighborhood in the Minkowski space-time is realizable. The probability interpretation of his spectral family give us the physical interpretation of the observed quantum entity even for the dynamically (not thermodynamically) fine structure of his ground state as potential state and following this as element of the Hilbert functional space with indefinite metric. By the vacuum interactions in the Casimir world, the Casimir force today is measured with 5 % exactness. The action of this force of the molecular biology today is not clear. It knows the following fact then it is at stake of potentially force with a long-range action at the distance. Also with other words, it is asserted every experiment in this genetics domain without clearness of the role of his actions further in the living cells. That is to be taken very good under account from the point of view of the nanophysics also by distance at 10-9 m. May be he is the cause for non-observation of the so-called Goldstein massless bosons as it is the case by the Coulomb force. For the quantum electrodynamics the Coulomb force can be understand by the help of the carrier of the force the so-called virtual particles. Then it is to be supposed the virtual paths of these quantum entities in the Quantum Electrodynamics QED. In addition, the quantum vacuum state of the QED has virtual quantum fluctuations. Then the Casimir force is to be caused by those vacuum fluctuations. Moreover the Casimir vacuum state of the quantum relativistic scalar field system may be not belonging in the operator definition’s domain of the field’s operators, but fulfill the additional causal and boundary conditions for the carrier of the interaction force, the virtual fundamental scalar Goldstein mesons particles belonging to the domain structure of the Casimir world. So also the Casimir vacuum in the asymptotic past at the left of the non moved plate for this case from the micro causal point of view contains the virtual particles for the initial observer understanding as referent system (a map) and in the asymptotic future at the right of this plate and the left of the moved plate a few see particles for the late-time observer, e.g. the Maxwell demon, and moreover at the right of the moved plate anew the virtual relativistic quantum particles system.
Keywords: Casimir effect; causal and scaling principle without conformal symmetries; elementary living cells; lyophilization; nanophysics; relativistic quantum field; singularities; times arrow
Date published: 2019-01-17
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