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Evaluation of sequential extraction of some biological materials from orange fruits peel (Citrus sinensis)
Souhail Nader, Amina Ibrahim, Khaled Ramadan
Abstract: The possibility of sequential extraction and determination of some biological material from orange fruits peel (Valencia variety which is obtained from two areas S and G) has been verified. Sequential extraction of essential oil, phenols, fixed oil, pigments, proteins consequently, and the impact of each stage of extraction stages on properties of the extracted materials in the other stages has been measured. The chemical composition of Essential oil has been identified by GC-MS. α-Limonene, β-Linalool, and β-Myrcene, major compounds are presence in the two regions oil. When sequential extrication was used the yield of water extract increased nearly 27% and the total phenolic compound increased higher than 5%, also yield of fixed oil raised by 8-38%, аcid value and pigments of the fixed oil raised higher than 30%. Finally, the total content of proteins has been calculated and increased by 28-19%. Some of the microorganisms were growth in Bushnell Haas Broth when orange peel was added as carbon source. The results indicate the ability of getting benefit from the sequential extraction stages to the same sample, using various polar solvents; the absence of impact of extraction stages among them; significant increase in the extracted material in quantity and quality, and thus can be benefit from the biomass, especially if the biomass quantity is low to extract a number of active compounds, and many bioactive materials can be produced by bioconversion using microorganisms from orange peel, so this stages and methods can be used as they were worked in industrial and economical field.
Keywords: bioactive materials; bioconversion; orange peel; sequential extraction
Date published: 2019-01-04
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