Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Lebedyn cattle breed genetic pool genesis and new types and breeds developed on its base
I. Ivankova, O. Metlitska, V. Ladyka, Y. Sklyarenko
Abstract: The selection and economic characteristics of layer of brown and black and white dairy cattle are studied in Sumy region of Ukraine. Based on the analysis of micro populations of Ukrainian breeds, it was found that there is a low level of genetic diversity in the presence of differences between them. The results revealed that there is low rates of genetic polymorph ability and heterozygosity, especially in animals of Sumy interbreed type of Ukrainian black and white dairy cattle, Ukrainian black and white dairy cattle breed and Lebedyn cattle, this threatens to loss of genetic diversity, loss in unique alleles and increase in inbreeding of next generations. Relying on the study results, the measures to preserve the Lebedyn breed in Sumy region are proposed.
Keywords: dairy cattle; gene pool; genetic diversity; Lebedyn breed; Schwyz breed
Date published: 2019-01-04
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