Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Tolerance of gooseberry varieties to maximally low temperature in the middle of winter
Diana A. Krivushina, Pavel S. Prudnikov, Oleg V. Kurashev, Zoya E. Ozherelieva
Abstract: The results of study of gooseberry varieties adaptation to negative temperatures are given in this paper. The ability of gooseberry varieties to pass the acclimatization quickly in autumn has been revealed. Owing to this ability the plants entered the dormancy period in proper time. The analysis of the fractional water composition in different periods of hardening is given. The increase of bound water and reduce of available water was noted in the tissues of one-year shoots in autumn-winter. During the successful passing the phases of hardening we noted the increase of protective sugars in the phloem of annual shoots. The potential of the resistance to low temperatures was evaluated that allowed revealing reliable varietal differences in the frost hardiness of buds and phloem of annual shoots. On the basis of the study the new gooseberry varieties have been referred to a group of frost hardy varieties.
Keywords: adaptation; artificial freezing; gooseberry; maximal frost hardiness; varieties
Date published: 2019-01-04
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