Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Intellectual property rights for breeders achievements in Bulgaria
Maria Markova
Abstract: The aim of this article is to present the author's point of view and perspective on protection of the results of Bulgarian institutes, centers and other research units in the Bulgarian agriculture science as breeder's achievements, to present analytical results and to outline the trends in the field of agribusiness.
Subject of this article are research inventive achievements in the agribusiness area in Bulgaria, especially plant varieties and animal breeds. The special point of the subject of the study is the protection of these results as intellectual property, particularly new varieties of plants and new animal breeds under the Law for Protection of Plant Varieties and Animal Breeds (LPNPVAB) as legislative requirements for protection according to the Law, legal results - quantitative trends and a factor analysis, the list of the main right holders of the protected breeder’s achievements. The practical focus of this article is the analysis of the registration activity of the Bulgarian researchers, scientific institutions and companies in agricultural biotechnologies for the period of 1999-2017 (acting new LPNPVAB) within the Bulgarian patent office as a national responsible authority in intellectual property rights.
Keywords: animal breeds; biotechnology in agribusiness; breeders achievements; intellectual property rights; plant varieties
Date published: 2018-12-28
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