Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Yousef M. Abu-Zaitoon, Abdel Rahman Al-Tawaha, Mohammad H. Aludatt, Sulaiman Alnaimat, Saleem Hmoud Aladaileh, Munir Aziz Turk, Mohammad Wedyan, Abdel Razzaq Mohammad Al-Tawaha, Ibrahim Mohammad Al-Rawashdeh
Abstract: Plant growth and productivity are adversely affected by drought. The sound of shortage of water on growth, yield and yield quality has been well deliberated in plants. In most cases growth, yield and yield quality are diminished under drought environments. There are four major strategic categories that represent the plant adaptation to desert, which include; lack water-escaping plants, lack water-evading plants, lack water-enduring plants and lack water-resisting plants. On the other hand, several controlling policies have been projected to compact with drought stress which including selection of crops and varieties,
tillage and water conservation, moisture conservation through tephra covers, planting date, seed priming, nutrient management and water harvesting technique.
Keywords: desert; drought; seed priming; tephra covers; tillage
Date published: 2017-07-07
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