Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Impact of technology and infrastructure support for sustainable rice in West Kalimantan, Indonesia
Novira Kusrini, Ekawati, Darsono, Kusnandar
Abstract: The sustainable rice availability absolutely requires the support of technology and infrastructure due to the limited land and water resources, more frequent climate changes, and high land conversion. Furthermore, the soil conditions are insufficient to promote plant growth due to the excessive use of chemicals. This research aimed to study the impacts of technological and infrastructure support on sustainable rice availability status and to determine the dominant influencing factors. Multidimensional scaling was used to know the impact of infrastructure and technology on sustainable rice availability; leverage analysis was used to determine the dominant influencing factors. The results show that technology and infrastructure are less supportive for sustainable rice availability in Kalimantan with a sustainability index of 42.52%; the dominant factors involve harvesting and post-harvest technology (3.37), cultivation of technology (3.01), support of road facilities and infrastructure (1.45), and availability of agriculture tools and machines (1.45).
Keywords: Indonesia; multidimensional scaling; Rap-Fish analysis; sustainable rice production; West Kalimantan
Date published: 2018-12-28
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