Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Heat stability and antioxidant potential of beta-carotene isolated from a fungal isolate
Nitika Thakur
Abstract: The present study has been conducted for optimizations of disruption, extraction, partial purification and properties of beta-carotene produced from a strain of Mucor (M. azygosporus).The major findings of the study conducted highlight maximum cell disruption while macerating cells with DMSO, diatomaceous earth or glass beads in mortar and pestle. The maximum extraction yield was seen in a method that involve extraction using hexane and ethyl acetate (1:1 v/v) after disruption. This method gave the best result due to the highest extraction efficiency within short extraction time. The antioxidant activity was found to increase with concentrating of extract whereas the pigment stability was seen to decrease abruptly with temperature.
Keywords: antioxidant activity; beta-carotene; extraction; heat stability; Mucor azyosporus
Date published: 2018-11-02
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