Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Lactic acid beverage fortified with goji berry
Мaria Dushkova, Ivan Ivanov, Tatyana Balabanova, Radka Vlaseva, Milena Dimitrova, Mihaela Ivanova
Abstract: A lactic acid beverage fortified with ground goji berries has been developed. The sequence of technological operations, the chemical, microbiological, organoleptic profile and antioxidant activity of the product during cold storage have been established. No statistically significant differences (ρ ≤ 0.5) characterizing the rate of the lactic acid process, acidification, total active acidity and residual lactose have been found in the test samples. The results of the microbiological analysis show that the low storage temperatures have a decisive impact on the intensity of microbial growth and correlate with acid formation. The data obtained for antioxidant activity show that the metal-reducing activity of the lactic acid beverage containing goji berries is more pronounced than the radical scavenging activity indicator.
Keywords: antioxidant activity; fermentation; goji berry; milk beverage
Date published: 2018-11-02
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