Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Effect of the inclusion of different doses of biologically active plant supplement into the combined feed for grower pigs
Ivelina Zapryanova, Maya Ignatova
Abstract: The purpose of this experiment was to establish the effect of the lower and the higher level of the studied extract VemoHerb (VH), compared to the level of 150 g/t, which was used in the other experiments. In connection to this, an experiment was conducted with a total number of 24 grower pigs, divided into four groups – Group I (control), Group II – with a supplement of 75 g/t VH to the fodder, Group III + 150 g/t VH to the fodder, Group IV + 225 g/t VH to the fodder. The duration of the experiment was 42 days and covered the weight period from 30 to 60 kg live weight. The influence of the group the animals belong to depending on the dose of the studied supplement is a reliable variation source of the features of average daily growth (P<0.05) and the quantity of the received fodder (P<0.01). Compared to the control pigs, the animals from Groups III and IV have a practically equal growth intensity and use of the fodder, which shows that the increase of the dose of the used product does not lead to a significant increase of the productivity and the economic effectiveness; therefore, the dose used up to now for the inclusion of the product of 150 g/t is the most appropriate one.
Keywords: antibiotics; economic effect; feed; pigs; plant extracts
Date published: 2018-11-02
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