Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Effective use of the elements of organic farming in medicinal herb cultivation to increase plant resistance the viruses on an example of purple coneflower
Bistra A. Dikova, Ludmila A. Glushchenko, Ivan A. Mishchenko, Lidiya T. Mishchenko, Alina A. Dunich
Abstract: Regardless of its quantity and quality, soil organic matter can have significant effects on soil and plant nutrient content. There are only a few studies focusing on soil properties and viral disease incidence which investigate the contribution of soil or tissue nutrient contents to disease-suppressive effects. But none of them refers to purple coneflower viruses and nutritional elements of this crop. The aim of our study was investigation of infecting of purple coneflower with viruses under conditions of organic farming. An effective use of organic farming element in medicinal plants cultivation on the example of infection of purple coneflower of 1st and 2d year of vegetation with viruses is revealed. The research results showed that the economically important purple coneflower viruses in Bulgaria are AMV, CMV, TSWV, TMV and PVY. In Ukraine, it was found that the purple coneflower plants are infected with TSWV – in 2012, PVY – in 2013, and TRV – in 2014. The most harmful is CMV, which circulated on the Echinacea purpurea plants for 8 years. One of the most widespread viruses on the purple coneflower culture in both Ukraine and Bulgaria is CMV. Some properties of isolates of this virus were investigated. Significant yield reducing of coneflower under viral infection is shown. The absence of viral diseases and an increase in the productivity of coneflower plants grown under organic farming conditions as compared to control plants was demonstrated. The necessity of optimal supply of plants with nutrients is shown especially when the soil humus content is no less than 5.2%. This is the first report about the reduction of the infection of Echinacea purpurea plants with viruses under conditions of organic farming.
Keywords: effectiveness; medicinal plants; organic farming; purple coneflower; viral diseases
Date published: 2018-11-02
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