Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Introduced sesame accessions as donors of useful qualities for breeding of mechanized harvesting cultivars
Nikolaya Velcheva, Manol Deshev, Stanislav Stamatov
Abstract: A subjectively independent method for assessing the relevance of introduced sesame genotypes with different geographic origin for mechanized harvesting was applied. Values of numerical indicators that classify accessions according to their suitability for threshing with or without destroying the capsules were obtained. The results show that the introduced genotypes have a narrowing of capsules in physiological ripening which could successfully eliminate some of the disadvantages in the Bulgarian breeding programs. The relationship between individual indexes and mass of seeds per capsule was evaluated. The possibility of crossing between the studied genotypes that could be combined the appropriate architecture of the capsule for mechanized harvesting with high seed yield in the future generations was assessed. The genetic distance of parent pairs, which guarantee the intensification of these features in future generations, was established.
Keywords: breeding; genotypes; mechanized harvesting; sesame; Sesamum indicum
Date published: 2018-11-02
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