Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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In vitro propagation of grape cultivars and rootstocks for production of pre-basic planting material
Ivan Tsvetkov, Veneta Yaneva, Svetla Yancheva, Venelin Roichev, Petar Marchev
Abstract: An optimized and simplified procedure for in vitro propagation of pre-basic planting material from different grape cultivars and rootstocks has been developed. A significant advantage of the applied propagation system was that the multiplication and rooting phases occurred simultaneously. The use of the specially modified nutrient medium provided an economically viable production of healthy and hardened plants. It was shown that the genotype is the primary factor determining a high multiplication and economically important efficiency in this process. Applying the optimized micropropagation system, the studied grape genotypes have been successfully propagated in vitro and acclimatized to ex vitro conditions. Obtained pre-basic plant material of more than 2500 plantlets was cultivated in a nursery for future investigation.
Keywords: auxins; grape cultivars; in vitro; micropropagation; rootstocks
Date published: 2018-11-02
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