Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Agribusiness partnership performance in empowering broiler breeders
Muh. Ridwan, Amidah Amrawaty
Abstract: This study aims to identify and analyze partnership models of broiler (i.e., chickens raised for meat) farms, their performance and the extent of the government's role in the empowerment of farmers in the agribusiness partnership system, using a qualitative descriptive research approach based on expert judgments. The findings show that partnership contract farming in South Sulawesi in every variation is essentially different from the basic concept of partnership. The government's role in empowering farmers in the partnership system of broiler farms in South Sulawesi is to encourage and create a business climate that is conducive and stimulating for the development of broiler farms in South Sulawesi. Several forms of support from the government are suggested.
Keywords: broiler farms; empowerment; partnership
Date published: 2018-11-02
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