Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Potentials of sustainable development of medicinal plants in Wonogiri regency of Central Java province of Indonesia
Rhina Uchyani Fajarningsih, Erlyna Wida Riptanti, Aulia Qonita
Abstract: Wonogiri regency is one of the widest areas with agricultural lands in Central Java. The regency is known as the center of medicinal plant production, but sustainable development has not yet been done. Fluctuation of planting width and production is highly influenced by climate and farmers behavior. The present research seeks to identify potentials of sustainable development of medicinal plants by optimizing lands in Wonogiri which have not been maximally used. Analytical descriptive method was applied in the research. The research results indicate that Wonogiri regency has relatively-high productivity of medicinal plant commodities due to intensive management of medicinal plants. Wonogori gives a big contribution as a center of medicinal plant production in Central Java and such contribution is supported by potentials of lands used for development of medicinal plants. Soil conditions and limited water availability do not dampen farmers’ motivation to cultivate them.
Keywords: Indonesia; medicinal plants; potentials of lands; production; sustainable development
Date published: 2018-11-02
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