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The inoculation of mycorrhiza and Talaromyces pinophilus toward the improvement in growth and phosphorus uptake of oil palm seedlings (Elaeis guineensis Jacq) on saline soil media
Sakiah, Mariani Sembiring, Mardiana Wahyuni, Jefri
Abstract: The saline soil is one of the most untapped land for crop cultivation, as it contains dissolved salt which can inhibit nutrient
absorption and one of them is phosphorus. Mycorrhiza and Talaromyces pinophilus are microorganisms that can increase P
uptake and plant growth. The purpose of this research is to determine the effect of mycorrhiza and T. pinophilus on the growth
and P uptake of oil palm trees on saline soil media. The materials used are 3 months old palm seedlings of D X P Simalungun
variety, saline soil, compost of oil palm bunches, mycorrhiza, and T. pinophilus. The parameters investigated were: plant height
(cm), stem circumference (cm), plant dry weight, plant roots dry weight (g), colonization in roots (%), P uptake of roots and P
uptake of plant. The research results showed that interaction between mycorrhiza and T. pinophilus can improve plant growth
by 13.01-55.54% and P uptake by 15.38-69.28%. In general the best treatment is mycorrhizae application 40 g/plant and T.
pinophilus 20 ml/plant (M2P2).
Keywords: oil palm seedlings; phosphorus uptake, mycorrhiza; saline soil; Talaromyces pinophilus
Date published: 2018-08-30
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